10,000 Light Years is a board game where the player is in control of a space ship trying to prevent the local sector from falling into chaos. Between various missions and plenty of ship equipment this game is allow players to customize their playstyle and discover clever strategies to overcome even the most difficult of enemies. I had 8 weeks to make this board game. Since this is solo project, I had to create art on my own, so I decided to focus more on the systems of the game. The game was inspired by another board game, Dark Souls The Board Game, and at the time of making this game I was playing a lot of sci-fi games, so I decided to go with that theme.
Here is the link to the 10,000 Light Years Rulebook.


Creating board game was alot harder than I though it would be. The most challenging part about this project was creating interesting illustrations to make sure cards are distinguishable from each other. Another challenge was balancing different systems to create an enjoyable experience. To keep track of all of the cards and their stats, I created a Google Sheets document where I balanced all of the stats in relation to other systems in the game. Balancing combat was one of the most challenging parts of the game due to complexity of it.


Overscoping was one of my issues for this projects. Original idea was suppose to be a 1-4 player co-op game, but because of time constraint, I could only implement one ship. Scoping down helped me finish the core systems of the game. Making this board games is pretty challening and at the same really fun because I got to experience something slightly differnt compared to making video games.