Kidgilantes is a 2 player local co-op game, where your goal is to rescue all of the animals from the zoo by avoiding the guards. This was my capstone project at UC Santa Cruz. My group had 15 people, and we had 6 months to make a game. Our team decided to make the game in Unreal Engine 4, which was unfamiliar to the team. We picked it because we wanted to try something new, and wanted to do something different compare to everyone else in the class. My role on the was Gameplay programmer, and I was primarily in charge of implementing adding new mechanics to the game. Throughout the project I had to implement different types of systems and mechanics, so by the end of the project I had experience in many different aspects of Unreal Engine.
You can see the end result at our Kidgilantes website. It is also now on Steam!


Since Unreal Engine was new to everyone on the programming team, it took us about 2 weeks to fully understand how to work in UE and how to structure it. For this project our team decided to work using Blueprints instead of code to speed up the process of creating the game. File organization was the most important part that we wanted to be consistent about. Making sure to leave comments, and keeping visual clarity for nodes in blueprints was something we did, so that when someone is going to make changes they will be able to find it without getting a headache. Additionally, our team didn't have a good pipeline for adding assets into the game, so I was the one to add new assets and making sure they work.


One of the things the programming team learned, was that some of the features we wanted to make couldn't be done through Blueprints alone. Another thing, was learning that it is important to use proper source control tool. We used Git as our source control tool, which created some complications with merging all of our work. Finally, I learned that it is really important to have a proper pipeline for assets to be added into the game because in some cases the assets were not working correctly, so it took some time to fix those problems. Overall, I am really proud of how much work I and my team put into this game, especially when our players are having fun playing the game.